Thomas Roberts, Ph.D.

Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. is a Professor of Educational Psychology at Northern Illinois University, where he has taught courses on transpersonal, mindbody, psychedelic, and consciousness topics.

He has written extensively on the subject of psychedelics, including Multidisciplinary Approaches to Psychedelic Scholarship which can be found on the MAPS website and The Psychedelic Future of the Mind available on Further readins available here.

You can catch part of his lecture on the Future of Psychedelics below.

Silicon Valley is microdosing LSD to increase productivity

Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter who travels the world searching for natural remedies through medicinal plant research. Here, he explains LSD microdosing, using small doses of the illegal drug to increase productivity, a growing trend in Silicon Valley.

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Dr. Stanislov Graf

In this episode, we learned about Dr. Stan Grof. He is psychiatrist with more than fifty years experience researching the healing and transformative potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness. His groundbreaking theories influenced the integration of Western science with his brilliant mapping of the transpersonal dimension.

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