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Karin Rice

Karen is a geologist with industry experience in environmental and engineering geology, and paleontological resource mitigation. She's also a graduate student working on fault mapping in central Mongolia. Karen has always been drawn to natural history and fossils and has been lucky to have worked in paleontology since 2005: as a paleontological monitor on construction sites; as a fossil preparator in the Dino Lab at the Natural History Museum; and currently as an excavator for Project 23. Working on Project 23 is all about daily discovery


25 Things You Might Not Know About Los Angeles

This is the Mental Floss article that sparked our interest in Los Angeles Oil.

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Info About Oil Rights AKA Royalties

This is a letter Meredith Marshall received from the Los Angeles Royalty Owners Coalition about her oil rights and possible upcoming legislation about extracting oil in LA.

Finally, we want to give a huge thanks to the La Brea Tar Pits Museum.  If you find yourself in Los Angeles, we recommend checking it out!