Ep #40 Delegate this, Motherf*cker

In this Very Special Minisode RUFSM, Apryl and Rachael let you in on a secret which will give you untold POWERS! Okay, maybe not untold powers, but certainly a decent chance at having your voice heard and being accurately represented by your elected officials. And for you living in Los Angeles District Assembly 51, this is time sensitive knowledge - so listen up!

Special Re-release of Road Trip to the Desert

We're in the middle of the holiday season and, frankly, things have been crazy busy in our world. BUT we didn't want to leave you hanging, so we've decided to re-air one of our favorite episodes. Come along for the ride!

Please note: We include a clip of sound bath audio in this episode. The use of crystal bowls in sound baths have been known to create binaural beats. While binaural beats have been shown to reduce anxiety in pro-op for surgery, they can also have a hypnotic effect and may cause seizures for people with epilepsy or certain heart conditions. If you have either of these conditions, please consult a doctor before listening to the sound bath audio or skip past that section.

Ep #34 A Field Guide to Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando is a known entity. Or, is he?

For some, he was the genius who changed acting. For others, he was the mad man who didn't bother to deliver a line the way it was written. While both of those things may be true, it turns out there was much more to him. Come along as Austin Wilkin, Archivist for the Marlon Brando Estate, talks with us about Brando the Activist and Brando the Environmentalist and, yes, Brando the Actor.

Ep #26 Aztec Empire's Excellent Adventure

The Aztec Empire is the stuff of Legends and seems so distant from the world of today, yet their civilization was at its peak relatively recently. After an article in the Smithsonian placed the beginning of the Aztec civilization at 1325 AD, we realized we knew very little about their dynamic history. We brought in expert Dr. Kirby Farah to school us on all things Aztec. Join us as we learn what happened to the empire that once dominated the Mexican basin.

Ep #24 What Lies Beneath

On August 19th, we participated in the 5th annual KCRW 24 Hour Radio Race. We got the theme at 10 AM on Saturday and we had until 10 AM Sunday to decide on a subject, research that subject, and record, edit and produce a 4 minute radio ready segment on that subject. This is a behind the scenes look at how we did it.

Join us as we sneak into the abandoned subway tunnels under Los Angeles and find out what they were all about. Hint: it turns out prohibition drove the LA nightlife and crime syndicates literally underground.