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E.Del Chrol, Ph.D.

Dr. E.Del Chrol is the Program Director for Classics at Marshall University.  His research interests are in sex, gender, and the overlaps of public and private persuasion in the late Roman Republic.  His manuscript, The Rhetoric of Seduction: Ovid's Arts of Love and the Problems of Persuasion, is currently under review.  He has a chapter entitled "Sex and the Caesars" in the upcoming volume on the Roman Imperial Court (Cambridge, 2018), and has turned to analyzing the game of love with game theory. Del has also won 14 teaching awards and coaches a free fencing class for the Huntington, WV community.


47 Facts About Ancient Rome

The website that inspired this episode.

In this slideshow style list, you will find a myriad of strange 'facts' about Ancient Rome. Some of them seemed so off the wall, that we had to bring in our expert to tell us if they were true or false. To be honest, we barely even scratched the surface of this extensive list. We may need to do a follow up episode!


The Mad Monarchist Blog: Caligula Entry

"The young Caesar known as Caligula has the reputation of being the most infamous, twisted and depraved Emperor of Rome; which is quite a statement. There are one or two others that might provide some stiff competition but, there is no doubt that Caligula, in his short reign, would be grossly excessive and set a standard for depravity that few, if any, could hope to match."